About Us

I-94 East-West Econ Connect is a coalition of associations, businesses, institutions, and other entities deeply invested in the future of the I-94 East-West Corridor. We understand the importance of the corridor as an economic engine for commerce in metro Milwaukee, Waukesha County and the entire state, and we strongly support the timely reconstruction of the severely outdated and increasingly unsafe highway.

We were very disappointed the state 2017-19 budget did not include funding or enumeration to keep this important project moving forward. Lack of authorization was cited as one of the reasons the Wisconsin Department of Transportation requested the Federal Highway Administration rescind the project’s Record of Decision.

Delay of this much-needed project will have disastrous economic, social and safety implications.

We urge the governor and lawmakers to support safety, jobs and economic development by recommitting to rebuild this critical stretch of roadway in the 2019-21 state budget.